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Garage Door Openers
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Effective Opener Repair

It’s more than annoying to have a malfunctioning opener as you will be forced to open and close the garage door manually every time you want to go in or out of your garage. Our job is to eliminate the problem quickly. The most common issue with the hardware causing the opener to fail is a broken trolley. Count on us to replace it and to connect it securely to the drive and to the rail. If there's a grinding noise coming from the motor and the door doesn't go up, then you most likely have a broken main gear. You can be certain that we'll replace it quickly! In case the motor has failed completely, we’ll replace it with a new one which has enough power to open your door.Garage Door Openers

Dealing with Clicker Issues

Modern opener remotes are made to last for a long time, but this doesn’t mean that failure is completely impossible. Count on us to fix your malfunctioning remote or to replace it entirely, if it is beyond repair. If you lose it by accident, you simply need to report the problem to us and we’ll bring a new device to you. Our service includes programming of the remote to ensure that you will start using it straight away. Sometimes, a malfunctioning clicker can have far more serious implications than you’d imagine. If the transmitter emits a signal constantly, the door will open automatically after closing. Don’t let this happen and get help as soon as you notice the problem.

Reliable Testing and Full Maintenance

Too tired or too busy to take proper care of your door and opener? You can confidently leave the work to us. The primary task in every maintenance session is the testing of the safety sensors and the operator’s force. In case the testing reveals any issues, count on us to deal with them quickly. We are fully equipped to replace faulty sensors, if the need arises. Lubrication is another important aspect of caring for the garage door opener. When the sections where there is friction between the trolley and the rail are properly lubricated, you can expect smoother and quieter opening and closing. The metal rod of a screw drive opener deserves the same kind of lubrication as the chain of a chain drive unit.

Make sure you contact us as soon as possible and we'll take care of your opener in no time!

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